Thursday, February 09, 2006

G'day mate!

G'day mate!
I'm in Australia now.
This place is ver------y beautiful! And also, very hot.
Yesterday, I went to the city, and I bought many many clothes.
I ate Korean food at dinner, it tastes very hot! I ate toppogi,Korean noodle.
My classmates are international! Most of them are Korean, Thai land, UAE, Arab.
They are very very hard working.
I'm going to go to the sea on Sunday with my friends, it called "Sauth Bank".
This is artificial sea, so it is beautiful I think.
I'm looking forward to going to there!
See you.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Thank you for everyone!!!

It is final class today. I appreciate Janet and Mr. Blake's concern. I learned about many things by them. First, "Don't be shy!!" Second, "You must have many goals! and also, you should achieve it." I was certain of being able to speak English more than ever!
And also, I love my classmates!!!! They are very nice person. Everytime I met them, I was relaxed. I'm sorry to this class will left only one year.

Study abroad

It is very cold in Japan!!!(>_<) Next month, I'm going to go Australia in order to study English. My hostfamily said, "it is very hot here." I want to go to there at once because my favorite season is summer! However, I ate too much... Can I wear bikini???
These are my plans!!
First, I'd like to speak English more!
Second, I'll try to make friends with other country students!
Third, ...third? Anyway, I'll do my best.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Birthday party!!

Today, My friends celebrated to me by having a birthday party! It was surprised. Suddenly, the light was turned off, they sounded the cracker. Also, an appetizing chocolate cake was put in a center of a table. It was first time for me like surprise party. After we ate it, they gave me the paper with their messages. It was written that they wanted me to spend last one year significantly for my10 generations. I cannot possibly put my thanks into words. My ambition is I will be a calm woman!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

New part-time job(*^_^*)

After the school festival, I found new part time job. It is pasta restaurant. A name of the shop said ici, and I was to work as the opening staff. Store's interior is very cool, and it is the feeling that designed for women. Originally, the manager and the employees were the friends who worked part-time to together. They are 23 years old. Though they are young, they can realize a dream. I'm glad that I can do a help of their dream.
A menu of here is a today's system. Moreover, my favorite DOLCHE is here, too. Do you know DOLCHE?? This means cake! There is a cake smorgasbord in ICI once a month! Someday I want to make pasta and DOLCHE. Plase come here!!(*^^)v

Monday, November 21, 2005

My goal!!!(>_<)

I noticed that my weight didn't change at all recently. I can't tell you what my weight. My goal is minus 5kilos!! I told my friends, they said that it is too difficult. But!! I'll try it. At first, it is not to eat between meals. I like Macdonald's, but I should not eat it. If you find I eat it, please angry☆Second, I should do walking. Though I always use for only a bicycle, I walk when I go to a supermarket nearby. I love walking! Finally, I take a half-length bath! Do you understand it? It is to soak in a bath to a bottom of a chest. It is famous for young women. I can't have another idea, but I'll try it today, tommorow, day after tommorow.... Possibly, you can see my slim body in the future☆彡

Sunday, November 20, 2005

All you need is laugh!!

On November 3th, the Gaidai festival was started. It was first time for me. I made up my mind to be in a school festival member of the executive committee about one and a half month of gadai festival ago. Committee devides into three sections. I belonged to plan department. Futhermore, I was in charge of opening seremony and closing seremony. I thought they are very simple than other plan, so we should do an impression!! Make sure, we should gather many people. Therefore We talked about a plan of a premium or content of a game into the night every day. sometimes We had a party for relaxation. The Gaidai festival day, a lot of people gathered. The moment that BGM was started, I seem to have come to cry. Though I intended to impress a person, I cried very much and has done it. I want to do festival executive next year!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Kyoto tour

On August 26, I went for Kyoto tour with abroad students. There were a very few on that day Japanese students. The abroad student was 3 times of a Japanese student. I respect that their Japanese interest depth. Because all the members were men, I felt tense very much. But they were very kind, so I felt relieved. First, I did'nt understand what to say. They still came to Japan, and it was the second day. Moreover, we had a hard fight for the making of topic partly because our sex was different. But we have same purpose. It is to learn each other's languages. The story about each other's dreams did not run out even if we went to Kyoto. I wanted to aim at a road of a tour conductor in the future by having guided Kyoto this time.